Personal Boxing Instruction to Suit You AND Your Budget !

Personal Boxing Instruction, gold coast

Do you want affordable personal boxing instruction and training? Need advice?, a head start? or need to supplement your existing training with something more exciting ? Want to learn to box (gold coast), but are not confident to go to a large boxing gym,? Do you have a low income or small budget? No time? ,or can’t commit to a full personal boxing training program on a regular basis?…NOT A PROBLEM! ... Our Personal Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service is the perfect answer for any of the above mentioned scenarios…..(This unique service will not be found anywhere else !)

(If you wish to learn more about our Private Boxing Training options , just call us to book a Private One on One Consultation and "Boxing Try- Out Session"….OR Book here , OR maybe take a quick look at our Boxing Training Quick Reference Guide first.) 

Our Private Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service

Recieve personal boxing instruction in an exclusive manner with “True" Private One to One training with Exclusive SOLO use of a Fully Equipped Private Boxing and Fitness Gym Based on the Gold Coast ! You will also get personal boxing instruction to suit your needs and budget! and are functional & based on your individual needs.We will provide clear directions and a detailed workout program for you to follow as well as educational reading materials and resources. Along with your private gym work, and by following your personal boxing instruction plan and training program, you will also learn how to do boxing at home or at a gym you are already a member of. 

A written program update,approx every 4-6 weeks is included that includes private and personal training sessions to demonstrate/update new skills & to take time to evaluate your progress & make all necessary changes etc.

Our Personal Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service includes:

  • Customised personal boxing instruction and Workouts
  • Personal boxing training workout routines, designed specifically to match your goals, ability, experience, age, gender, and schedule…
  • Effective and safe personal boxing instruction, personal boxing training programs, and fitness training costing less than you think!.
  • All personal boxing instruction and boxing programs are designed by a qualified experienced professional.

  • All fitness levels are welcome.
  • All boxing nutrition & fitness assessments are FREE!

Better Boxing Training take a realistic approach to boxing training and fitness, (one size does NOT fit all!) You will receive personal boxing instruction and Personal Boxing Training to ensure you achieve your boxing, and fitness goals in the QUICKEST AND EASIEST WAY POSSIBLE !.

Learn to Box Gold Coast (Step 1)

Learn to box (gold coast) with our personal boxing instruction which is perfect for those who are new to boxing or wish to learn the basics, (but not compete). The private boxing gym sessions are designed to teach the student basic boxing skills and perform general training methods and techniques used in Olympic Style Boxing.

Learn how to do Boxing at Home (Step 2)

Aswell as your private boxing gym sessions,you will learn how to do Boxing at home with our private and personal boxing training services.You will recieve a fully written and comprehensive,  personal boxing instruction prgram AND private and Personal Boxing Training and personal training services.No matter what your level of ability, our training has you covered !. 

Affordable and Private Boxing Training Gold Coast

All our personal boxing training students get private boxing Instruction which cost less than you think!.(read below).Our personal boxing training students are also taught in a progressive manner according to their skill level.This guarantee’s a very high level of instruction and coaching in a safe & controlled training envioroment..

Book Your Private Boxing Instruction (Step 3)

Your whole success on completing your personal boxing training program depends on having the right attitude & plenty of determination, practice and mental effort!... Have you got what it takes?

Our Private Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service Overview:

Our Personal Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service, (Gold Coast), incorporates “real boxing” techniques,skills and drills with an emphasis on learning the art of boxing at a basic level.

  • Pre -Requisites: NONE
  • Recommended For: Anyone who is new to boxing or wishes to learn basic “real boxing” techniques, (but not compete).Has a small budget, no time or can’t commit to a full personal boxing training program on a regular basis
  • Duration:  All training components have different time frame requirements.(Details are decided and finalised at consultation).
  • Knowledge Development: NOT REQUIRED
  • Sparring Development Program: NOT REQUIRED
  • Sparring Components:  NOT REQUIRED
  • Training Evaluations: YES (REQUIRED)
  • Training Assesments:  NOT REQUIRED
  • Fitness Evaluations & Assesments Service: YES (OPTIONAL)-(Sports Specific or Personal.)
  • Nutrition Evaluations & Assesments Service: YES (OPTIONAL)-(Sports Specific or Personal.)
  • *General OR Personal Nutrition Service: YES (OPTIONAL)-(*All Sports Specific or Personal Nutrition plans Include a food plan, supplementation plan & a hydration plan!).


  • 1 x Boxing Training Guide & Workbook (if applicable)
  • 1 x Digital or Printed Boxing Training Certificate (if applicable)
  • Ability to purchase Training/Course Equipment (to be used on the day) at greatly reduced prices.
  • Once completed, you are eligible to join our BETTER BOXING TRAINING CLUB MEMBERSHIP – giving you many benefits.
  • All nutrition & fitness assessments are FREE! (if applicable)
  • Unlimited gear at heavily reduced prices from leading European and Australian boxing and fitness brands.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today (or book below) and take the first steps towards a better, healthier and more energised body!


Packages can start from as little as $40 per person.Please note: Because our services are customised to each individuals EXACT requirements, booking a private consultation with a Private "Boxing Try- Out Session” is the only way for us to give you accurate costs. (member discounts available)

I wish to find out more and book a $45 private one on one consultation with a Personal Boxing Instruction and Boxing Program Design Service "Try- Out Session”.

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"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !”  - Better Boxing Training

Learn to Box and Get Fit Now! Gold Coast Personal Boxing Training at It’s Best !

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