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With our personalised Boxing Diet and Nutrition Services, you will reach your goals a lot faster than would normally be expected.This is because our custom nutrition and diet plans work in conjunction with a fully personalised exercise &/or private boxing training program. In the long run, this will ensure you reach your goals in the fastest, safest and most affordable way.

Our Personal Training Service, offers Private Boxing and Boxing Diet and Nutrition plans and programs.

(*All our nutrition plans Include a food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan!).

Boxing Diet and Nutrition:

Boxers need more nutrients than the average person to be able to fight,train, recover and repair the body.  Our Diet and nutrition services ensures that you are eating properly to increases your performance, decreases your recovery time, while maintaining appropriate body weight.A boxer’s diet must provide energy for physical performance and provide nutrients for muscle development and decrease body fat.

Boxing Nutrition Advice Gold Coast

Our Boxing Nutrition advice service can cater for everyone! We also offer private boxing training programs to work in conjunction with your nutrition diet and plans 

Get your personalised nutrition and diet plans to work in conjunction with a fully personalised exercise or boxing program.In the long run, this will ensure you reach your goals in the fastest, safest and most affordable way.

How Much to Eat:

All bodies are different. Some people need more calories, others need less. Some bodies are more efficient than others (which has a lot to do with lifestyle). GENERALLY, try to consume enough calories to replenish what you use (unless weight loss is a major goal)

When to Eat:

Knowing when to eat, is as important as knowing what to eat.Your body is always using energy and demanding more energy during your training and workouts.Generaly, your boxing diet should follow your energy use as closely as possible.

What to Eat:

Natural foods that are high quality and full of nutrients. Nutrients needed in large amounts are water (very important!), protein for muscle growth & recovery, carbs for energy, and fats.The nutrients you need in small amounts are vitamins & minerals to boost immune system, support cell growth, help organ functions,provide strong bones and finally , fiber to improve the digestive system.


Supplements can be taken to help improve or aid your diet. Just to clarify, supplements do not give you a “magic" boost. As long as you are eating correctly, you will need little or no supplements. Eating organic,whole and natural foods are the best way to go! Improve your diet…not your supplements.

Our GENERAL Boxing Nutrition Advice:

  • Eat a big breakfast and another 2 hours before your workout.
  • Eat before you get hungry, and stop before you get full.
  • Good proteins are lean meats.Good fats are mono and poly fats (nuts, fish, olive oil).Good carbs are Low GI carbs.
  • Balanced diets may make supplements unnecessary.
  • Balance your nutrients (carbs/proteins/fats), and control your calorie intake.
  • 5-6 small meals a day, every 2-3 hours.
  • Drink water until your urine is clear.
  • If you need to eat less, do not starve!. If you need to eat more, do not over-eat.
  • Your diet should fit your needs, and not the other way around.

Eating your way to your goal weight :

Good weight-making is about being able to stay close to your fighting weight limit most of the time.Generally, your training diet should Include the following:

  • Lot's of fluids
  • Small frequent meals
  • Be low in “bad” fat
  • Correct amount of protein
  • Include lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Be high in carbohydrates around the key training sessions to support high intensity work (performance & recovery) and a strong immune system

Personal Training Gold Coast Robina

Our Personal Training Service, also offers Private Boxing Training and Boxing Nutrition plans and programs.With our personal training service, you will get your very own highly experienced personal trainer that will help you set goals and provide you with achievable assignments.You may also use our services to update or change an existing program or diet (inline with current guidelines and research).

Private Boxing Training and Fitness Designed Specifically For You !

Our Private Boxing Training ,Nutrition and Fitness programs are designed specifically for you ! So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today (or book below) and take the first steps towards a better, healthier and more energised body!

COST: Please note: Because our services are customised to each individuals EXACT requirements, booking a Private consultation is the only way for us to give you accurate costs. (member discounts available)

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