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The Benefits of Boxing Training are many and is the ultimate all-round workout. Boxing Training is rapidly growing in popularity and Boxers are normally regarded as the fittest of all athletes

There are many benefits to our Private Boxing Training and boxing training in general,…some benefits include: 

Body fat loss, muscle gain,toned muscles,Increased strength and stamina,Increased energy,Improved confidence,Improved mental awareness.

Feel great, Look great !

Other Benefits Of Boxing include:

  • Boxing is an excellent stress buster
  • Boxing dramatically improves general fitness
  • Boxing develops respect, courage and commitment
  • Boxing combines mental development with physical training

More Training Benefits !

As mentioned,Boxing training provides many benefits and challenges. For example, it can turn lives around by providing focus and an outlet for pent up aggression. 

  1. Stress Relief
  • Boxing is the ultimate sport for countering stress,.In our view the combination of strength training and aerobic work provides an enhanced psychological well being.
  • Boxing (particularly concentrating on the focus mitts) enhances the ability to relax, which helps one to keep calm and poised under pressure. After a hard day at work, hitting the heavy bag for five to six rounds also serves as a tremendous stress release. 

2: The Ultimate Workout

"Our boxers' workout is guaranteed to get anyone into the best shape of their lives.”  -Better Boxing Training

  • Our typical private boxing training sessions stimulate all muscle groups, and provide the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Our boxers' workout is guaranteed to get anyone into the best shape of their lives.
  • To perfect the basic boxing skills while developing the stamina to survive three rounds of boxing sparring , one needs to be fit and strong enough to throw punches from round one through to three.
  • Our boxing training and workouts improve every type of physical capacity: strength, power, coordination, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness and endurance. Exercises that are emphasized include, heavy bag, speed-ball and medicine-ball work, skipping, running, weight-training and calisthenics.
  • Exercises are combined to form circuit training or performed independently over a longer period. In short, our boxing will improve your reflexes, endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed, power and cardiovascular fitness.

 3: Confidence

Having the skills to look after yourself gives a large amount of confidence. 

  • If the boxer needs to protect themselves in a self-defense situation, they will be more adept at finishing things quickly and cleanly, due to higher confidence levels and skill.
  • Full contact sparring, which is optional in many of our Boxing Classes, provides the perfect platform to refine fundamental boxing skills, and a great test of physical capability, courage and confidence.

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"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !”  - Better Boxing Training

Learn to Box: Gold Coast Boxing Training at It’s Best !

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