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All our exclusive services are customised to each individuals EXACT requirements, so booking a private consultation (by simply filling out the contact form below) is the only way for us to give you ACCURATE ANSWERS & PRICING….

  • (Packages can start from as little as $40 per person, which also includes private AND one to one training !). 
  • We believe the consultation is the better way to help you make a more accurate decision in your search for Better Boxing Training!. We look forward to hearing from you so fill out the contact form on this page and we will contact you a.s.a.p.
  • (Our private consultation service is also designed to:
    1.  NOT "hard sell" our services or even try to pursuade you to train with us! ,but to help you make a better, and more accurate decision instead.                            
    2. Our private consultation is also a good time to see the boxing gym. 
    3. Meet your boxing coach or personal trainer.
    4. And actually try the training out !  

"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !” 

Learn to Box: Gold Coast Boxing Training…A Better Way To Train For Boxing and Fitness

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