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Private Personal Boxing training Gym Gold Coast Robina

Better Boxing Training have over 30 years experience in Boxing and offer personal and private training , program design and Personal Fitness Training on the Gold Coast .

Get Fit and Learn to Box : Gold Coast Training for you !

Apart from our boxing training , and private boxing Instruction ,we also provide custom and general nutrition services and plans to atheletes and the general public.

Who We Are

Over the years, we have taken part in amateur boxing and specialise in private boxing training , personal training for fitness, private boxing Instruction and other general boxing activities on the gold coast.We have organised and run programs and boxing classes for youths and adults in numerous countries and worked with numerous other organisations including the Amateur Boxing Association and National Sports Centres in London.

Why Choose Us?

The following are just a few reasons, but if you wish to find out more, please contact our Private Gold Coast Boxing Gym for a Private One on One Consultation and "Boxing Try- Out Session”.

1.) You Will Recieve Private Coaching and Private Boxing Training on the Gold Coast Robina

  • We offer affordable boxing training (most budgets are catered for) !  You will usually pay a premium for these type of services but NOT with us!
  • If you don’t need, or you are not confident to go to a large commercial gym?,then train exclusively in our fully fitted, PRIVATE boxing gym with a highly experienced and friendly Boxing Coach or Personal Trainer.
  • Receive PRIVATE boxing training or personal fitness training- (just you OR your own private group)
  • Receive PRIVATE and one to one or two to one Training
  • Receive PRIVATE and Personal Boxing Coaching services 
  • Receive PRIVATE and Personal training services
  • Receive PRIVATE Boxing Instruction  
  • ALL Times to SUIT YOU !  (depending on availability)
  • Customised nutrition plans that are specifically written for you that actually work !
  • Achieve the RESULTS YOU WANT !

2.) You Will Recieve Private Boxing Training From A Boxing Coach Or Personal Trainer Who is Highly Experienced AND Highly Qualified

You are not just purchasing personal & private training, personal fitness services or guidance through your training, but also our education, experience, knowledge and expertise with program development and design.

  • Over 30 years experience in boxing ,coaching ,personal training !
  • Recreational & Competitive boxing experience (A.B.A)
  • Registered with Boxing Australia 
  • Registered with Fitness Australia 
  • Fully Qualified & experienced Level 1 Boxing Coach. 
  • Fully Qualified trainer Level 1 Cert. Boxing
  • Fully Qualified trainer Boxing for Fitness Cert
  • Fully Qualified trainer Advanced Cert. Boxing / Kickboxing 
  • Fully Qualified trainer Cert. IV Fitness (Personal Trainer)
  • Fully Qualified trainer Cert. III Fitness (Gym Instructor)
  • Nutrition 
  • Fully Qualified Senior first aid 
  • CPR Certification. 
  • Blue Card Holder 

3.) You Will Recieve Private Training with Exclusive Use Of a Fully Equipped, Private Boxing and Personal Fitness Gym Based In Robina Gold Coast !

You will get access to everything you need to reach your personal boxing and fitness goals...with no waiting around for equipment use !  

Due to the vast range of equipment we have, we are able to offer various personal services including body building,custom, general and boxing specific strength & conditioning programs. There is an elevated boxing ring for training and boxing sparring and also a solid floor area for other types of floor work including footwork drills and shadow boxing etc. We also have a strength and conditioning area with fitness and cardio equipment including cables,free weights,traditional barbells and dumbbells.Old school kettle bell training is also available.There is also a mated floor area for stretching,calisthenics and other types of ground work.

Our Mission

Better boxing Training's mission is to promote boxing, health and the wellbeing for everyone, without distinction of race, gender, political and or religious belief. To promote fitness, discipline, friendship, fair play and respect and to improve the self-confidence of anyone.

Better boxing Training aspires to give you a BETTER indoor & outdoor boxing and fitness experience. Increase participation to improve health is at the heart of what we are trying to achieve ,this is why we will offer affordable programmes to cater for everyone. 

To increase quality of life by providing a constructive alternative to anti social behaviour such as drugs and alcohol abuse and to provide positive role models and social inclusion from interaction with our coaching staff.

 Most of all we want to create a positive training environment for everyone.

 "The fight is won or lost away from witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights!"  -Muhammad Ali


Testimonials are available on request at your Private One on One Consultation and "Boxing Try- Out Session”, at Our Private Gold Coast Boxing Gym. 

"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !”  - Better Boxing Training

Better Boxing Training…A Better Way To Train For Boxing and Fitness

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