Learn to Box: Gold Coast Private Boxing Training at It’s Best !

learn to box gold coast

Learn to Box on the Gold Coast with our private and personal boxing training services.We specialise in unique, fully comprehensive,  private boxing training and private fitness training services . No matter what your age or level of ability, our training has you covered !.  

Private Boxing Training Gold Coast Robina - Boxing Instruction at it’s Best !

Some of our Personal and private boxing training Services include: Private Boxing Fitness Training  and Beginners Boxing Classes  all the way through to our Private Technical Boxing (Gold Coast) Programs. We do not offer the common services you will usually find, we specialise in true private, personal boxing training,  personal boxing Instruction and affordable personal training services to help you reach your goals.

Why Train With Us ?,read below... OR read here for even more reasons !

Private Boxing Training at It’s Best !

Unlike many other establishments, our personal boxing training students are taught in an exclusive manner, with “True" Private One to One training or private group training, AND with Exclusive SOLO use of a fully fitted Private Boxing Gym !

All our boxing training students get personal boxing Instruction which is taught in a progressive manner according to their skill level.This guarantee’s a very high level of instruction and coaching in a safe & controlled training envioroment..

Group Boxing Training is available for your OWN private group.

Boxing Classes for Beginners

Our Beginners Boxing Classes (Gold Coast Robina), are very popular for those who wish to learn to box with personal boxing training services, but do not wish to compete.

Not everyone interested in boxing wants to join a club or box competitively. Our beginners boxing classes are perfect for this situation.Better Boxing Training aims to provide an opportunity for everyone to take part in the sport of boxing and experience the fitness, health and other benefits of training like a boxer.

You Will Recieve  Boxing Training and Personal Boxing Instruction with Exclusive Use of a Fully Equipped Private Boxing and Personal Fitness Gym Based in Robina Gold Coast !

Because we offer private services,all Private Boxing Training Is by appointment only.Opening hours are from 7am to 9pm,7 days a week.(Subject to availability,all programs and training sessions run on days & times to suit you.)

"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !”  - Better Boxing Training

 Want to learn to box on the Gold Coast?… then take a look below to see what intrests you...OR take a quick look at our Boxing Training Quick Reference Guide first.

Private Boxing Fitness Training - Gold Coast Boxing Training For All !

boxing fitness training gold coast

Get “2 FOR 1”! with our Private Boxing Fitness Training on the gold Coast! You will learn “real” boxing techniques AND recieve cardio & strength training with a Fully Qualified and highly experienced Boxing Coach,Personal trainer Cert. …

Beginners Boxing Classes Gold Coast Robina - Personal Boxing Training Just for You  !

beginners boxing gold coast

Our Beginners Boxing Classes are perfect for those who want private boxing training and are new to boxing. If you wish to learn basic boxing training on the Gold Coast, but not compete, then these classes are for you!. 

Personal Boxing Instruction to Suit You AND Your Budget !

Personal Boxing Instruction, gold coast

Do you want affordable personal boxing instruction and training? Need advice?, a head start? or need to supplement your existing training with something more exciting ? Want to learn to box (gold coast), but are not confident to go to a large boxing gym,? …

Boxing Fundamentals for Beginners Gold Coast - Boxing Training at it's Best !

boxing fundamentals for beginners gold coast

Our Boxing Fundamentals for Beginners (Gold Coast service), is suitable for those who want private boxing training and are new to boxing, (this boxing program is also suitable for those who are experienced boxers). …

Private Technical Boxing: Gold Coast Boxing Training At It’s Best !

private technical boxing gold coast

Our Private Technical Boxing (Gold Coast training programs) are designed to take a beginner through all necessary stages of Olympic Style Boxing training.Our Technical Boxing training programs are designed for those who require more of a coaches or trainer's time and responsibilities. …

Boxing Sparring Gold Coast - Personal Boxing Training at its Best !

Private Boxing Sparring Gold Coast

Our boxing sparring & personal boxing programs are designed to take you through all the necessary stages to help you learn to box and is a great way to tune up and take your skills to the next level. Our boxing sparring on the Gold Coast is also designed for those who require more of a coaches or trainer's time and responsibilities. …

Boxing Training Pad Man (Gold Coast Hire Service)

boxing training pad man gold coast

We provide clubs, gym owners, managers and personal trainers a unique boxing training "pad man” Gold Coast hire service.

Our boxing "pad man" hire service is based on the Gold Coast but we also travel to numerous gyms & locations for private hire . …

Learn to Box & Get Fit NOW! - Gold Coast Boxing Training - Private Boxing Training at It’s Best !

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