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Q.How do i make a booking ?

A.Please complete the booking form of your choice, from the bookings page….OR call our private gold coast boxing gym to book a private consultation. Alternativly please fill out the form here and we will contact you a.s.a.p. Note: Due to our very competitive prices & popularity of our boxing and fitness options, (and also to avoid disappointment), please get in early ! 

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Q.How much will it cost me ?

A.Packages can start from as little as $40 per person, which also includes private AND one to one training ! You can pay for your session or program on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly scheme to suit your budget. For ACCURATE answers and ACCURATE pricing, book a private consultation (by simply filling out the form here) as this is the only way to find out. This is due to the fact that all our exclusive services are customised to each individuals EXACT requirements. 

Q.Why do I need to book a private consultation ?

A.Apart from whats mentioned above, we believe this is the better way to help you make a more accurate decision or comparison in your search for Better Boxing Training!. 

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We specialise in private training and services so we do not cater for "casual walk ins”,so everything is by consultation/appointment only. We have a huge range of custom training options and packaged prices for you to choose from that can only be discussed in a consultation. Our private consultation is also a good time to see the boxing gym. Meet your boxing coach or personal trainer in person. Actually try the training out ! We want you to see and try our unique training programs and services that will not be found elsewhere. We have limited spaces available that may change throughout the year, so a consultation is the only way to confirm the latest availability.(Please note we usually require at least 1-2 weeks notice prior to any consultation being undertaken so please book early!)

  • We look forward to hearing from you so PLEASE BOOK A CONSULTATION HERE.

The consultation is NOT designed to "hard sell" our services or even try to persuade you to train with us! ,but to help you make a better, more accurate decision or comparison in your search for Better Boxing Training !

Q.Why Choose Us?

The following are just a few reasons, but if you wish to find out more, please contact our Private Gold Coast Boxing Gym for a Private One on One Consultation and "Boxing Try- Out Session”.


Reason 1.) You Will Recieve Private Personal Boxing Training, Coaching and Personal Training Services

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If you don’t need, or you are not confident to go to a large commercial gym?,then train exclusively in our fully fitted, PRIVATE boxing gym with a highly experienced and friendly Boxing Coach or Personal Trainer. Receive PRIVATE boxing training or personal fitness training- (just you OR your own private group). Receive PRIVATE and one to one or two to one Training. Receive PRIVATE and Personal Boxing Coaching services. Receive PRIVATE and Personal training services. ALL Times to SUIT YOU ! (depending on availability)

Reason 2.) You Will Recieve Private Boxing Training From A Boxing Coach Or Personal Trainer Who is Highly Experienced AND Highly Qualified

You are not just purchasing private boxing training,personal fitness services or guidance through your training, but also our education, experience, knowledge and expertise with program development and design.

  • Over 30 years experience in boxing ,coaching ,personal training !
  • Recreational & Competitive boxing experience (A.B.A).
  • Registered with Boxing Australia. 
  • Registered with Fitness Australia .
  • Fully Qualified & experienced Level 1 Boxing Coach. 
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Fully Qualified trainer Level 1 Cert. Boxing. Fully Qualified trainer Boxing for Fitness Cert. Fully Qualified trainer Advanced Cert. Boxing / Kickboxing . Fully Qualified trainer Cert. IV Fitness (Personal Trainer). Fully Qualified trainer Cert. III Fitness (Gym Instructor). Nutrition . Fully Qualified Senior first aid . CPR Certification. Blue Card Holder .

Reason 3.) You Will Recieve Boxing Training With The Exclusive Use Of A Fully Equipped Private Boxing and Personal Fitness Gym Based In Robina Gold Coast !

You will get access to everything you need to reach your personal boxing and fitness goals...with no waiting around for equipment use !  

Due to the vast range of equipment we have, we are able to offer various personal services including body building, general and boxing specific strength & conditioning programs and specialist functional strength training. There is an elevated boxing ring for training and sparring and also a solid floor area for other types of floor work including footwork drills and shadow boxing etc. 

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We also have a strength and conditioning area with fitness and cardio equipment including cables,free weights,traditional barbells and dumbbells.Old school kettle bell training is also available.There is also a mated floor area for stretching,calisthenics and other types of ground work.

Q.What do i need to bring and wear?

A.Note: Dress is usually standard gym wear.It is highly recommended you invest in your own pair of hand wraps which I can sell you ,or most fitness equipment stores will carry hand wraps. I do not provide or offer every item due to hygiene reasons, but these are also items many people wish to purchase and own themselves anyway.Bring a parent or guardian if under the age of 18,  Towel ,  Bottle of Water ,  Any medication ,  General Gym wear/clothing and any personal equipment, gloves, gear etc. 

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Due to hygiene ,safety and personal preference you are to bring your own hand wraps (or buy from us on the day from $15 ).Money for your first training session and consultation ( $45 to be paid on arrival).Due to our very busy schedule and waiting list, a $45 deposit payment will also be required on this day to secure any future bookings you may want.Once we have discussed matters,completed paperwork and decide what route is best for you, you may recieve a free fitness assessment which may involve taking body measurements etc.

Q.What kind of Boxing and Fitness Training do you Provide ?

A.Beginners,intermediate and Advanced. We can take a complete beginner or an experienced individual and get them fit and technically or fundamentally sound within months. (For more info view our boxing training guide here ) or visit this page .

Q.Do you offer private, personalised boxing and fitness services ?

A.Yes. Unlike elswhere , all of our members are given "private" one-to-one coaching & “private" Personal Training sessions and programs ..You do not share the time or the gym with anyone else !. When attending the consultation you are given the option to choose a program or session.

Q.Do you offer group training ?

A.Yes.We specialise in private training so you are required to arrange and have a minimum of 4 participants for your own private group training booking to be taken. Unlike elswhere ,our group training is PRIVATE group training.You do not share the time or the gym with anyone else apart from your own chosen group of people. We do not cater for "casual" visits or "general" group training.(That is what most other gyms are for.) We are a private customer service focussed gym with no contracts or joining fees.

Q.How much time do i have to commit to training ?

 A.We only cater for people who are serious about learning or reaching their fitness goals. We generally require you to commit to at least 1-3 x per week (THIS IS DEPENDENT ON EXACT PROGRAM,COURSE OR SERVICE REQUIREMENTS THAT YOU DECIDE UPON AT THE CONSULTATION).

Q.Who can use and join the gym ?

A. Our gym is open to everyone, regardless of previous experience, ability, fitness and gender. Most new members have little or no previous experience. 

Q.When can i train or use the gym ?

A. As a member, you can use the gym at times to suit you ,(subject to availability). 

Q.Do i have to spar ?

A.NO! It is completely up to you.But obvously this also depends on your goals, the training you choose and the relevent program requirements.

Q.Is your boxing training Safe ?

A.Our members safety is a #1 concern. In over thousands of training and spars to date, we’ve maintained a 100% safety record, due to our professional organisation, experience and medical screening.It’s a contact sport, but we ensure the highest professional standards and procedures are followed at all times.

Q.As a personal trainer, gym owner or manager, how do i hire "The Pad Man" ?

A.To find out how to hire "The Pad Man” , please complete the form here, to book a consultation with or without a private training "try-out"session.

Q.How do payments work ?

A.Full payment OR a non-refundable deposit is required for any booking to be taken and secured.

Q.What if i just want to see the gym ?

A..No worries, but we are a private gym that offers private services, NO “WALK- INS”. (all visits are by appointment only so please book a consultation with or without a private training "try-out"session.

Q.What if i only want information on costs ?

A. As mentioned above, prices start from $40 per person, per private session and the best and preferred way is to book a private consultation with a private training "try-out"session. (see "HOW DO I MAKE A BOOKING? above) . A private consultation is the only way to help you make a better and more accurate decision to see if our services suit you and your budget.    

Q.What if i only want to compare your prices with others ? 

A.Of course,go ahead,no worries but you will be wasting your time!  Remember that we specialise in exclusive private services and unique training programs which you will NOT find elsewhere. So you will not be able to get an accurate comparison on just price alone or anything else for that matter !  This can also be false economy and is why we strongly suggest you book a private consultation and private training "try-out"session to help you make a better and more accurate decision.

Q.Do i get a refund if i cancel ?

A.Yes, if we are notified atleast 24 hrs prior to appointment or booking time.

Q.I cant find the answers to my questions ?

A.We are here to help you, so If your answers can not be found on this page and you have also read the website ,but still cant find what your looking for,  then please call our private gold coast boxing gym to book a private consultation. Alternativly please fill out the form here and we will contact you a.s.a.p.



"All our boxing and fitness training programs are designed to meet your specific requirements.Our Complete Boxing Training System guarantees you will receive better attention,better value and reach your goals faster ,safer and in a more enjoyable way...You won’t find better !”  - Better Boxing Training

Better Boxing Training…A Better Way To Train For Boxing and Fitness

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